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French Melodies Everywhere I go

I usually do not listen to French music except for Retro tunes I happen to stumble across from time to time. This song may inspire someone to write a happy-go- lucky film. Who knows. Enjoy ! Advertisements

  • As I am supposed to be reading the Quran and spiritually cleans my soul during this month, I wrongfully decided to write instead. And as I was writing I "accidentally" stumbled upon this old video that I filmed back home in Tucson. This video, of course, has its flaws. The titles/graphics in this video are uninspiring, the editing transitions are abrupt, and there is not hint of color correction whatsoever.  Despite this videos flaws’, I happen to love watching it over and over again, it reminds me of my old college days, the friends I have made, and most importantly the warmth that the Tucson Muslim Community provided. I may celebrate Ramadan in different cities now but the best Ramadan will always remain in my hometown, Tucson.

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